Thursday, 2 August 2012

Cloud Dreaming in Dartmouth

Yesterday, as the early evening sun was streaming through the front window of The Crow's Nest, I found myself gazing out of the window and dreaming while I was waiting for the vegetables to steam. I had five minutes to spare - the table was laid, the cottage pie was in the oven, and I didn't have time to start doing anything 'useful' so I simply sat and watched a whole intriguing bunch of clouds - some wispy, some big and cotton-woolly - racing rapidly across the blue, blue sky above sunlit Jawbones Hill (the view from our front window, and indeed from our guest room above it). I don't usually do this - being the industrious type - and felt quite pleasantly mesmerised and relaxed for a few precious minutes. 

See, this is what I love about being in Dartmouth - you can pause in your every day business and appreciate again and again just how lucky you are to be in such a unique and magical place. And appreciate we do, believe me.

I was just hoping that our lovely guests in Cabin Two were enjoying the same inspiring view when the buzzer screamed imperiously and I came back to earth with a jolt - but I still cherished a little relaxing warm glow as I dished out the dinner and left the clouds to get on with their own business.

Thank you Dartmouth - once again. xxx

PS I tried to find a photo of Jawbones Hill to share with you without success - sorry. Anyone have a good one to share?

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