Monday, 6 August 2012

Agatha Christie's house at Greenway, near Dartmouth

Agatha Christie

If you've never visited Agatha Christie's house at Greenway, just five miles up the river from Dartmouth, you're in for a treat. As well as the famous author's beautifully refurbished home you can stroll around the gardens and enjoy spectacular views all down the river Dart, and round it all off with a nice cuppa tea and a sit down (or much more, if the fancy takes you...).

Greenway House

You can make a day of it by taking a leisurely half hour river trip either on the Greenway Ferry, which goes from the Dartmouth Pontoon and stops right on Greenway Quay, or the Dittisham Ferry from Dartmouth Embankment, which stops at Dittisham on the opposite bank to Greenway. If you take the Dittisham option you'll need to ring a bell outside the pub on the quay to summon the small ferry from the other side, which only takes a few minutes.   

The food at Greenway is lovely, with the choice of the Barn Gallery Cafe, House Kitchen or Greenway Dining Room (see website link for full details) but if you wanted to have lunch at Dittisham we can recommend the Ferry Boat Inn and the Anchorstone Cafe on the quay - spoilt for choice, really!

And the good news is, both the Greenway Ferry and the Dittisham Ferry are less than five minute's walk from The Crow's Nest's front door - so you can have a relaxing night's sleep, take a leisurely breakfast, stroll along to buy your ferry tickets and start relaxing right away. 

So - can we tempt you to stay at 
The Crow's Nest...? Just give us a call.

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