Thursday, 20 January 2011


So, this morning I have been mostly doing Facebook for Crows Nest. If you have an account with the big FB then become a friend. It's listed as Crows Nest (huge surprise) and it let's you know about special offers and stuff of interest.

We weren't sure when we started Crows Nest if people would like to stay in a guest house and not get breakfast! Surely, we thought, everyone will want breakfast included? It will never work, they said.

Not so, says I. It turns out there are loads of folks who like the lower price and the comfort and flexibilityof having a good lie-in and getting up when you choose. The next great thing is that you can then stroll along for breakfast to any number of great places in town.
Our favourite is Cafe Alf Resco - great atmosphere, unique style and great breakfasts - what's not to like?

It couldn't be any sunnier today. It's almost, dare I say it, too bright. But absolutely gorgeous. Why not rush down and stay for a few days in the sun?

Another thing to get into is the local community magazine called By The Dart. It comes out monthly. The good thing about this magazine is the interviews and reviews it does of local people and local businesses. Helps you get to know the town a bit better.
It's available on line through their website here: By The Dart 
Or you can get a subscription and they will post it to you. It would be much easier if you just moved here, then you would get it delivered free each month.


  1. Love to see others like myself who have a passion for Dartmouth. Thanks for the blog it really helps us to get to know more about the place we live and work in.

  2. Thanks Carole. When I decided to start this blog I thought it would only be of interest to people living away from Darty. So it was good to get your comment and give me a different angle on things.
    Hope it continues to be of interest.