Saturday, 15 January 2011

Brand new Crow's Nest blog.....

Welcome to the first post on our new blog.
We will be updating this site with info and news concerning both The Crow's Nest & Dartmouth (referred to in this blog affectionately as 'Darty')

So the first item is a special offer!
For the rest of January we are offering our double room which is normally £60 per night for just £50. In addition (this is really 2 offers now...) you get 10% off any meal at The Dartmouth Arms, situated in nearby Bayards Cove. You get your vouchers on arrival.

And just to help here is a picture of nearby Bayard's Cove (about 2mins walk from the front door also pictured here)

This is where the Pilgrim fathers set sail to America from after putting in to Dartmouth, from Plymouth, because The Speedwell, sprang a leak! You can read all about it on a plaque in the Cove while sipping a pint in the sunshine, or a glass of dry white wine of course....

Our 'hard to miss' light green door

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