Monday, 18 February 2013

Images of Dartmouth - Pinterest

Why we decided to use Pinterest 

We decided to use Pinterest, the on-line pin board site causing a sensation by being the fastest growing social media site ever, because it really does work.

Basically it is a site where you can post great images onto virtual boards you create for different subjects. Like creating a different photo album for lots of different subjects. The great thing about this site though is that you can copy or re-pin other peoples images. You can also follow other peoples' boards a bit like following other Facebook pages.

So we thought it would be a good opportunity to build a collection of photos that really show off why people keep coming back to Dartmouth. Try to explain the allure of the area. 
It encourages us to find really good pictures of Dartmouth and surrounding areas. It also reminds us to keep taking photos when we are out and about or when something special is happening in town (which is quite often!)

By the way, if you have a Pinterest account, let us know and we will try to follow you and we may invite you to be a guest 'pinner' 

The board titles we will be using include: Why Dartmouth? River & Sea, Festivals, Walks, Views, Eat & Drink and Attractions. If you think we have missed a good subject please just let us know and we will consider adding it.

Take a look at our boards and please follow us to make sure you see our latest 'pins'

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