Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Brown River Dart, Candlelit Dartmouth and more

Sorreeee......Well, this is rather embarrassing! I cannot believe that it has been many weeks since I last wrote but as it has stopped raining and there is a strange but very welcome light in the sky it seems to have galvanised me into action again. It's not as if it isn't worth visiting Dartmouth in winter - it most definitely is, but with less people around it is a different experience and just as relaxing and enjoyable but in a different way.

Boy, have we had some rain in the last week or so! It seemed relentless - was relentless in fact - and even though there is a cold wind today it was still lovely to wrap up warm and walk along the Embankment just now on the way to the shops. We decided to brave a walk to Dartmouth Castle on Sunday morning as it was only a bit drizzly, but only made it as far as the end of Swannaton Road before the heavens opened again and we had to turn tail and dash back home. Sadly it was a tad too early to shelter in the Dartmouth Arms and dry off - better luck next time... 

We have never seen the River Dart look so brown - someone remarked that it looked like half of Dartmoor had washed down into it and I don't think they were far wrong... It is getting back to its usual attractive self now, however things are looking a bit battered and bruised around town - hardly surprising. We have been so, so lucky compared to a lot of places. How have you fared in your part of the world?

We're looking forward to the Candlelit Dartmouth festival this coming weekend and hope the dry weather will last. We are so lucky to live in Lower Street as we can sit in our window and watch the Candlelit Lantern Procession pass right below us - result! Especially if it's raining.... 

The Crow's Nest is full this weekend but we still have vacancies over the next few weekends if you fancy a bit of quality (and stress-free!) Christmas shopping.
If you're interested just give us a call on 07920 053580  or check out The Crow's Nest website and come on down! 

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