Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Squib Championship at Dartmouth

How lucky were we this morning? We'd just had a lovely early morning walk out to Dartmouth Castle as the sun was shining and it was WARM - yes, honestly - and grabbed a table outside overlooking the sea while we consumed our (delicious) breakfast of mushrooms on toast and very good coffee at The Castle Tearooms

As if this wasn't a good enough way to start our working day, on the way back we were fortunate enough to see all the squibs with their terracotta sails leaving the Embankment and heading out to sea - a fantastic sight indeed. 

The only downside was, the battery had gone on the camera so we couldn't take a photo to share with you - so sorry! This is, more or less, what they looked like but it was oh so much more spectacular in the flesh...

It's mornings like this that make us realise - over and over again - how very lucky we are to live and work in Dartmouth. 

Just another day in Paradise...

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