Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rain? What rain..?

Another rainy day in Dartmouth - don't they realise it's June?? - but the town is still full of people strolling around relaxing under their umbrellas despite the weather. Luckily if the weather should get too bad, there are plenty of cafes and cosy hostelries in town to shelter in... most of them are on the Tourist Information website in the 'Eating and Drinking' section, so take a sneaky peek, if you'd like to - well worth a look.

We walked out to Dartmouth Castle this morning at 8.30 - sadly the sky didn't look quite like this, but we were lucky enough to see all the J80 sailing boats heading out on a very choppy sea for the next full day of the J80 World Championship Sailing - they must feel exhilarated and exhausted by the time they return to Dartmouth in the late afternoon. 

What a fantastic sight it was to behold - Alan took a video, which hopefully will be appearing on this blog later on today.

We had a very nice breakfast and coffee at The Castle Tearooms, served by Jenny who was aided and abetted by a friendly robin who kept hopping into the doorway - not a bad way for us to start our working day, really. Having said that, I must get on. Back soon when hopefully the sun will be shining once more...

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